Durango Agility Dogs


Agility Organizations

  • AKC - The American Kennel Club
  • NADAC - North American Dog Agility Council
  • USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association
  • DOCNA - Dogs on Course in North America, LLCĀ 

Agility Training Sources 

  • Clean Run - A website focusing on comprehensive agility information, training aids, videos and DVDs. There is something for everyone who is an agility enthusiast. Clean Run also offers a subscription to their very informative dog agility magazine chock full of training articles.
  • Power Paws Agility - Nancy Gyes' sure fire training method for weaves.
  • Karen Pryor Clicker Training - The leader in the field of non-coercive (all-positive based reinforcement) training techniques and an authority in the field of "clicker training".
  • Clicker Solutions - Excellent website and mailing list dedicated to helping pet owners improve the relationship with their pets by teaching positive based training.

Agility e-mail lists and Groups that you can join

These are agility-based e-mail lists on Yahoo that you can either monitor or join in on the conversations. You can read their members' comments on this e-mail based website or have them sent to your e-mail address. Should you do the latter, we would advise that you select "digest" form so the different letters from the members come to you in one neat little package once a day. You can read the e-mails posted first to see if this is an e-mail list you would like to join.

General Information and training/trial information sources

  • Dogwise - Wide selection of dog books, including training videos and DVDs.