Durango Agility Dogs


DAD instructors bring years of experience, impressive credentials and enormous passion for the sport to their students.

Each season the instructors work closely to structure a schedule of classes that will meet the needs of a wide range of students, from initial beginners to seasoned competitors. They recognize that both handlers and their dogs bring different life experiences to the training field. They encourage individual success while nurturing camaraderie among the student teams. They take pride in teaching skills, nurturing progress and cheering accomplishments.

Whether a student is seeking a new form of recreation with a dog, or is working toward competing at the national level, DAD instructors can provide the training that will make agility a safe, enjoyable activity or a thrilling new achievement.


DADs Agility Class Trainers


Pam has two agility dogs, Pepper (pictured) and Folly. Pepper is 6 years old and a mixed breed, blue heeler and traveling salesman. Folly is a 2 years old Tri-color Australian Shepherd.

Pam and Pepper have been doing agility for four and half years, competing in AKC and NADAC. They now are just competing in NADAC and training with Sunny at Vision Agility. Folly just started competing this year.

Pam enjoys her dogs and friends she has made through agility.


Eric has been involved with obedience and agility since he adopted his All American, Bart, in 2001. Bart had been at the shelter for 4 months when he found a home and a "job" with Eric. Eric enjoys agility for the camaraderie he sees among handlers and their dogs and how much fun it is for the dogs. Eric and Bart began competing in NADAC in 2002 and have earned their Elite Agility Certificate (EAC).

As a DAD trainer, Eric uses his patient, straightforward approach to help handlers and their dogs learn the necessary skills to successfully negotiate an agility course. He stresses positive reinforcement and the importance of making it a fun learning experience. Eric is an active volunteer and long time trainer for DAD and coordinates the scorekeeping for all DAD trials.


Jill has one active agility dog, Topo (a reservation rescue), one retired agility dog, Risk, and one old lady rescue of questionable ancestry, Midge.  Jill's best boy ever was a rescue named Moss who died several years ago at the age of 15.  Jill's most challenging dog was a border collie, Fey, who lived to 17 and a half.  

Jill competes in an agility organization called United States Dog Agility Association.

Jill likes dogs, all dogs, especially ill behaved dogs!  Bring it on! 



Sunny is a top trainer and handler as well as being an active NADAC judge. She has achieved the NADAC "MOD Squad" award (Masters of Distance, Speed, Quality, Accuracy and Directional Skills) and has been ranked in the Top Ten for Bonus points for the past several years with her border collie Nesa. Sunny and Nesa had the highest number of purple bonus runs in 2010 and 2011. Sunny has been active in agility for 12 years and has participated in many venues and all aspects.

"My goals are to train and compete with my agility dogs to the best of my ability. I first started in agility in 2002 with my chocolate lab Safari. As I look back at each of the dogs I have had the opportunity to train and run, I feel very fortunate because each one has taught me something different and improved my abilities as a trainer. Not to mention the relationship you build with your dog off the agility field as you go through life."