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DAD training field
Our beautiful training field provided to us
by a wonderful friend of DAD

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Registering for DAD classes

Most people who will find out about DAD classes through this website will be destined for one of the beginner classes. These are introductions to agility and (maybe more importantly) to the way that DAD believes you should teach your dog to do anything: i.e. with positive reinforcement and clear criteria.

To register for one of these classes you need to contact us. Email is best. See "Contacts" link above. Then after we’ve made sure that you’ll fit in to our offerings, you need to fill out the registration form, read the class rules, and sign the waiver. Plus we’ll email you the directions and parking instructions. Either pay ahead of time or bring payment to the first class. You must bring a copy of your dog’s immunization records to the first class!

VERY BEGINNING Agility Class led by an experienced handler, trainer, teacher on Saturday mornings starting 9:00 until 10:30.

The first class will be June 11, followed by classes on June 25, July 9 (maybe), July 16, July 23, July 30, August 13, August 27.

The VERY BEGINNING classes go in order, as the skills build on skills taught in the previous classes. Thus, these classes are not "drop-in".

Puppies or young dogs are okay. Modified exercises / skills will be provided.

Email for more information.

About the requirements for DAD classes

In order to make DAD classes enjoyable for everyone, there are a couple of things that we require. Basically we need to know that your dog will be healthy enough and manageable enough to get something out of our classes and not ruin the experience for the other students.

Contact the instructor if your dog is less than a year old. We prefer that your dog has been in some sort of class setting before. Taking a class isn’t mandatory, but we really encourage it just as a way of socializing your dog and getting them used to the class setting.

Registration Form             Class Rules

As a minimum you and your dog should have the following skills:

  • Stay - Handler must be able to leave his dog's side for 10 seconds and then return to dog for the release.
  • Down - A solid down is required. A dog must be able to remain in the down position with minor distractions for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Sit - A solid sit is required, and a dog should be able to remain in the sit position while being distracted.
  • Come - A dog must come when called.
  • Leave It - The dog must be able to ignore an object, other dog or person when told.
  • Watch Me - A handler must have the ability to hold eye contact with his dog for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Marker - A handler must employ the use of a marker when training his dog. A marker is a signal from the handler which tells the dog he just did what was wanted.

If you have an aggressive dog, please let the instructor know!

Local Durango Obedience Clubs and Individual Trainers who offer Obedience Training

  • Camp Canine, LLC Agility Training Facility
    Contact: Pam Leisle
    (970) 247-8946
    Groups, Privates, Seminars, Group Privates Agility Classes
  • Durango Dogs
    Juliet Whitfield, CPDT
    Certified Professional Dog Trainer
    (970) 382-2542
    Where Dog Training meets Fun! Classes taught conveniently at the Durango Rec Center. From Basic Manners to Canine Good Citizen, Durango Dogs have a variety of classes from 1 session to 6 weeks. In home private consultation available also.
  • Durango Kennel Club
    Contact: Shawna Davis
    (970) 884-1718
    Various obedience classes offered in Durango. Call for details.
  • Vision Agility
    Contact: Sunny Williams
    Various agility classes and seminars offered. Call for details.

Mary & Heidi

A big thanks to Mary and her sweet Heidi for so graciously allowing
DAD's members to use their beautiful property for our training field.
Mary's generosity is so very much appreciated.